Length : Max. 14.000 mm

Height : Max. 4230 mm
Width : Max. 2.600 mm

External Coating:

Internal Coating

Frente, traseira e teto em plástico reforçado; Laterais (abaixo da linha das janelas) em painéis de alumínio liso colados. Portinholas do Bagageiro em chapas de alumínio coladas em uma estrutura também de alumínio. Disponibilidade de vários tipos de materiais e cores de revestimentos, atendendo as especificações internacionais de flamabilidade. Piso em assoalho plano revestido com tapete plástico ou opcionalmente, tapete de alta resistência (PVC) antiderrapante;





The internal lighting system, when the vehicle has no air conditioning, consists of lamps with LED bulbs. Optionally, the vehicle may be equipped with night lights. It also has lighting in the parcel rack, aisle, stairs and individual reading light support

The complete structure consists of the rigid assembling of the base, side, roof, front and rear structures, which are composed of steel tube and stamped trims, galvanized by hot-dipping. The whole bus body is assembled by gaseous atmosphere welding, providing great protection to the molten zone. Joining the bus body to the chassis is done through the same process. The whole structure is specially treated against corrosion and noise. The lowering of the driver’s cabin allows the advancement of the passenger’s compartment floor over the driver’s cabin, allowing the placement of more seats and a panoramic view.


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